Wednesday, July 14, 2021

7 Heroes of Malesso

77 years later, seven heroes of Malesso have their complete recognition. The only village on Guam not liberated by the U.S. Armed Forces but by the villagers themselves is Malesso. But for 77 years, they are honored yet their names are missing on a monument in front of San Dimas Church. In 2020, the son of war hero Juan Acfalle Naputi, Joaquin N. Naputi, solicited assistance from some villagers. It wasn't until July 2021 that villagers Steve Cruz, Phillip Taijeron, Jr. and Jose D. Naputi came through. Coordination with the parish priest and funding to have a name plate placed on the existing monument came to fruition. These 7 Heroes of Malesso, for their courage, bravery and valor in killing the Japanese, deserve the utmost recognition, as they saved their fellow villagers from a total massacre. 

On July 13, 2021, on the monument in front of San Dimas Church, Malesso the name plate of these heroes was finally added. This is part of Guam history, and now at this monument, full and complete recognition was finally bestowed to these heroes. Please visit for more information.

Seven heroes of Malesso. Pictured above is the name plate of the 7 heroes who helped prevent a total massacre of Malesso residents by the Japanese.

Sunday, May 30, 2021