Friday, July 9, 2010

Guam News - July 9

+ Suba back at Guam Police as captain
The legal opinion is in: Paul Suba is no longer the chief of police and isnow reinstated back to a captain - the position he held prior to hisappointment to lead the force. While Suba had publicly stated his plans toretire from the force, instead he took leave, never departing fromgovernment service.

+ DOE in dire need of funding...and fast
With the school year slated to begin next month, the Department ofEducation is pinching pennies to make to the end of the fiscal year. Andthe result if they don't find the funds would be a shutdown for the entireisland public school system.

+ Information review delays murder trial
Convicted murderer Steven Albertson won't find out when he will go to trialuntil more than 300 pages of discovery in the case is turned over.

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