Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gov. Calvo Announces Friday a Holiday

Gov. Eddie Calvo just announced that Friday, the day after Thanksgiving will be a government of Guam holiday.

Calvo made the announcement in a special Thanksgiving message to government of Guam employees, which follows below:

"I know this has been a rough year for the GovGuam family. We've curtailed millions of dollars in spending that meant a suspension of your pay raises and increments. We're reorganizing and making major changes, and you have carried the heavy burden of sacrifice," he stated.

"This government is more efficient and serving the people better because of your efforts. I want you to spend some time with your families. Rest, take a break and re-energize. I want to invest in your morale and in your health. In thanksgiving for your service, understanding and sacrifice, I've declared the day after Thanksgiving a holiday. Your agency heads will receive the executive order I signed tomorrow."

Source: guampdn.com

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